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Marcelo Suaznabar

My paintings follow the tradition of allegory and didacticism of painters like Hieronymus Bosch. I also engage elements from the Surrealist tradition although my images are not automatist. They have more in common with surrealism as access to the subconscious or dream world. However, my conscious intentions are to comment on the looming environmental catastrophe that becomes increasingly unavoidable due to the structure of human society, with all its greed and temptation for the soul.

As a Bolivian artist, I experienced a colourful, cross-pollinated version of Christianity, filled with miracles like the Virgin of Candelaria. It is poignant for me now to use the Biblical theme of the Apocalypse as a foil to express concern about the environment. Phantasmagorical creatures line these limits between Earth, Heaven and Hell, exhorting redemption or providing temptation.

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